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Fan Friday~Mekonis Family Trip Part 4

It has truly been a blast reading all about Sandy’s magical Walt Disney World vacation! We would love to live vicariously through you too. Are you interested in sharing your Disney stories on our site? Contact me today at…no writing experience needed. 


(Days 7-8)

Friday was our last full day at Disney and was a busy day for us!  We were up bright and early and at Animal Kingdom when it opened. We started off the morning on a fun note meeting Timon and Rafiki outside the entrance. The line was short and we got some fun pictures. We did everything we wanted to do at Animal Kingdom. We enjoyed the Lion King Show and I saw the Nemo Musical for the first time finally! We rode the safari first thing in the morning when we got there. The very last thing we did, and probably one of our most favorite parts of the whole week was the Flights of Wonder bird show.  We had front row seats and just loved watching the birds soar above our heads. It was a really fun show for all of us. At 3pm we left Animal Kingdom and headed over to EPCOT. I had missed an afternoon at EPCOT because of being sick and that meant I also missed our reservation at Le Cellier Steakhouse in Canada at the World Showcase. This was probably the reservation I was most looking forward to.  Our resort manager made it such that our non-park hopper ticket was a park hopper for one day so that we could get back into EPCOT and with our good luck; Le Cellier had a last minute cancellation for three!  We walked around EPCOT for a while enjoying the amazing Flower and Garden Festival before heading over to Canada. We had the most delicious filet mignon for dinner. It was amazing. To anyone who is a steak lover, a reservation at Le Cellier is a must!  The dinner is a 2 credit meal but the lunch is only a 1 credit meal and the lunch menu is just as wonderful.  The cheddar cheese soup and the pretzel bread were delicious as well. And for dessert the maple Crème Brule was amazing!  We didn’t stay for Illuminations because it had already been a very long day but we did enjoy walking through all the other countries on our way out of the park and watching the sun set over the EPCOT dome was breathtaking!

Saturday was our departure day and I’m the kind of person who would be too stressed out to enjoy a park day on the day we had to pack up and leave.  So instead I planned a breakfast reservation at 1900 Park Fare for the Supercalifragilistic Breakfast.  This was probably my most favorite breakfast character meal of all my trips to Disney.  The characters were very fun. We met Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter, Mary Poppins, Tigger and Pooh. The Mad Hatter was a complete riot and the Tigger we met had to have been the funniest Tigger we’ve ever experienced. He was so silly with my daughter.  I have some of the best pictures of her giggling at all his silly moves. The food was really delicious. We enjoyed made to order omelets, bagels, breakfast meat, Mickey waffles, fresh fruit and lots of fun goodies.  We also got to ride the monorail on our way over to the Grand Floridian which was on my “to do” list for the trip. After our breakfast we took the bus over to Downtown Disney and had a great time picking out just the right souvenirs to bring home. And the final fun thing we did was to take the boat from Downtown Disney back over to Port Orleans French Quarter.


Even though we lost a couple days with both my husband and I being sick, we really crammed in every last little thing we wanted to do. We had a fun but exhausting week at Disney and really, isn’t that the true sign of a great trip!

Fan Friday~Mekonis Trip Report Part 3

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(Days 4 – 6) Click here to read parts 1&2.

Tuesday we spent the day at Hollywood Studios. This is one of our favorite parks because it seems slower paced to us. There’s no mad dash for rides other than Toy Story Mania and Star Tours. It always seems less hectic to us at Hollywood Studios.  We went to the park late knowing full well we would miss out on Toy Story fast pass but at that point, rest was more important with my husband starting to feel better. We didn’t have any dining reservations either so we were not tied down to anything. We went at our own pace. We did get fast passes for Star Tours and my husband and daughter loved that ride. I don’t do rides so while they were riding I had scored a prime seat for the Pixar parade which I loved!  We stayed for Fantasmic which we had never seen before and it was completely worth the wait. Such a neat show!


Wednesday, my husband and daughter spent the day with my family in EPCOT while I was in our room resting because unfortunately I had come down with the stomach bug.  It was definitely not fun being sick on vacation and I was sad to miss a day, especially at EPCOT which is my favorite park. They had a great day exploring the park though and I rested up and was better for the next day.

Thursday we headed back to Magic Kingdom.  We enjoyed a ride on the train, more time at Mickey’s Philharmagic, It’s a Small World, and I finally experienced Dole Whip which is something I’ve wanted each trip but never seem to get! It was delicious!!  We happened to be in the right spot for one of the street shows and had a great view of all the characters and had fun dancing in the streets with everyone. We explored the new Fantasyland and my husband and daughter rode Dumbo! The line for Goofy’s Barnstormer was too long to wait but we were so glad to see that ride was up and running. We went back to the resort around 5pm and enjoyed more time in the resort pool together. My daughter loved going down the fun slide!


Fan Friday~Mekonis Family Trip Part 2

It is Friday and you know what that means? Fan Friday!! This is a time for you to shine in all your glory. We love our fans and we love to learn from them. Check out Sandy’s trip report…don’t forget to read part one if you have not already. Enjoy!


Section 2 (Days 1 – 3)

We left for our trip on March 10th. We got to Disney late afternoon and had early morning reservations the next day so I didn’t want to head to the park that first day. Instead I had planned dinner at Chef Mickey at the Contemporary. I have family in the area and having meals at a Disney resort is a great way to see characters and see family without them having to purchase park tickets.  We had a wonderful meal at Chef Mickey’s. We had never been and we really liked it. The food was good, the atmosphere was fun. It was a little loud and a bit hectic but that’s fairly typical for a character meal.  We met Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and Donald.



The next morning we had 8:00am reservations at Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom. The park didn’t open until 9:00am so only the people with dining reservations get to enter the park early.  Seeing Main Street and the castle forecourt so empty was really a wonderful experience. We got some nice pictures without all the crowds in the background.  The downside is that it had been raining and it was overcast so our pictures aren’t quite as bright as I’d hoped but it was still a really neat experience. Breakfast at Crystal Palace was great.  The buffet had lots of good food. My daughter’s eyes lit up when she heard chocolate chip pancakes were available. I loved the made to order omelet. The Winnie the Pooh gang was fun and our server was really wonderful.  The weather wasn’t great that day. It rained on and off and we were feeling pretty soggy.  We were able to enjoy some of the indoor activities like It’s a Small World, Mickey’s Philharmagic, meeting Tinkerbell and Terrence and also meeting Ariel and Prince Eric.  Another bonus to the rain was very low crowds and we were able to meet Rapunzel with a very short wait!  We decided to go back to the resort in the afternoon, take a little nap and shower and then head back in for Wishes in the evening. I enjoy taking fireworks pictures and always look forward to Wishes.

Monday we had a reservation at Akershus in Norway in EPCOT.  We had eaten dinner there on our last trip and the food was quite different so I thought I might like the breakfast fare better. My daughter’s favorite Princess is Belle and so we wanted to go back to Akershus, which is where you meet Belle and a few other Princesses. Also, we don’t personally think that Cinderella’s Royal Table is worth two dining credits once you’ve done it before. We had a nice meal over at Akershus and our daughter met Belle, Cinderella, Aurora and Pocahontas who we have never met on any previous trip so that was neat!  My husband was not feeling well that day and he spent a majority of the morning resting in the First Aid center of EPCOT while my daughter and I rode Nemo and enjoyed Turtle Talk and some of the other things on that side of EPCOT.  We also got to meet Duffy Bear who is one of my daughter’s favorite characters. She purchased Duffy on our last trip and on this trip she was excited to pick out some clothes for her Duffy Bear at the Duffy store in EPCOT. We all headed back to the resort in the afternoon so my husband could rest. My daughter and I enjoyed the very fun pool at Port Orleans French Quarter.


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Fan Friday~Mekonis Family Trip Report 2012

All new on Disney Guru we are going to be featuring Fans on Friday’s!! Each week you will be able to get a sampling of how special our fans are through their own creativity. For the next 4 weeks you are going to get to know Sandy. Sandy is a client of mine that has planned a special trip for her family from start to finish. Today is all about preparing for the trip! Thank you Sandy for all of the time you put into this!! 


We had been planning our March 2012 Disney vacation for months but didn’t want to tell our 6 year old daughter too early because we wanted to avoid the endless countdown questions we would get from her, “how many days until we leave for Disney, Mommy?”  We were trying to decide if we wanted to completely keep it a secret and just wake her up the morning of our departure and tell her we were headed to the airport to go to Disney, or if we wanted to tell her a few months before on Christmas morning.  Ultimately we decided to tell her Christmas morning. We all know that one of the best parts of a Disney vacation is the planning and anticipation of the trip. We wanted our daughter to experience that excitement too!


I came up with a fun plan to give her the news of our Disney trip as our gift to her on Christmas morning. I set up the surprise about our trip as a scavenger hunt in our home.  The first “gift” was a letter that was resting in our Christmas tree and this was the first in a series of clues leading up to the big reveal.  Each “clue” contained some sort of Disney themed gift.  They included a Princess Belle dress & crown, a custom made Minnie Mouse dress, the Disney Xbox Kinect game, etc.  The final gift she opened was a box with a Minnie Mouse helium balloon inside and when the balloon came out of the box, there was a note attached to the string that read “We’re going to Disney March 10 through March 17!!!!!”  It was so fun to watch her find and open all the gifts.  When she got to the final gift and realized what it all meant, watching her jump for joy was just the best!  Here is the link to our Christmas surprise video!

We still had over 2 months before we left for our trip so to make the days go by, we created a paper chain at about the 60 day mark.  We had fun creating the chain together and we hung it all the way up the wall by our staircase in our house.  Every morning, our daughter would remove one link to the paper chain and eventually it shrunk so small that the excitement really began to build!



Another fun thing we did to prep for the trip was to have custom dresses made for my daughter. I am lucky to have a talented friend who makes custom dresses right in my town. My daughter and I went to the fabric store and picked out all the different types of fabric we wanted made into dresses.  We planned out which dress she would wear at which park. It was so fun. We even found a Buzz Lightyear fabric for our Hollywood Studio day!  The characters LOVED her dresses and made such a big deal about them. Buzz loved her dress and Woody loved giving her a hard time for not having a Woody dress!


We also had fun making our autograph book.  On the DISboards website we download the autograph cards that the DISigners make and share with everyone. I save the photo files to my computer and then print them at a photo center. I put the photo cards into a photo album and bring a Sharpie marker for autographs. The characters always comment on our personalized autograph cards and my daughter just loves that reaction. Then when we get home, I print a photo of our daughter with each of the characters and put it together in an album just for her to keep in her room.  It comes out so nice and I’ve done one for each of our trips.


Finally, at the one week mark, I started giving her a Disney gift a day.  I had purchased small travel items to entertain her on the plane (things I would have bought for our trip anyway) and each morning at the breakfast table I left the gift in a Mickey Mouse gift bag and taped a note coming out of Mickey’s mouth that read “It’s the Disney Countdown! We leave in 7 days” and each day there was a different small item in the bag.  She loved waking up each morning to check the bag and got more and more excited for our trip.

Be sure to stop by next week as Sandy takes us to Walt Disney World!!